Give the “Gift of Health” to Those You Care About!


Make Holiday Shopping More Convenient and Rewarding…

Give the “Gift of Health” to Those You Care About!

  • Help your loved ones start the New Year by reducing their risk of cancer, heart disease, and other age-related disorders with a beautiful RED and GREEN carton of Juice Plus+®, the “whole food nutrition” of 17 fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, and grains in capsules or soft chewables.
  • Help the “habitual snackers” on your list to “snack healthy” with a delicious can of Juice Plus+® Complete powder for smoothies. Complete is a delicious 100% plant-based powder that when mixed with water, milk, or juice, can be used for a healthy and nutritious breakfast, to replace a meal, added to a meal to increase nutrition or calories, or as a pre- or post-work-out drink—available in Dutch Chocolate or French Vanilla.
  • Juice Plus+® Vineyard Blend is the next best thing to berries and grapes! Concentrated vineyard powders in capsule form or soft chewables, specifically formulated with cardiovascular (heart and circulatory) health in mind!
  • Juice Plus+® also offers an awesome program for children age 4 years through college students called the Children’s Health Study! When an adult sponsor signs up as a Preferred Customer, the child can receive either the Juice Plus+® capsules or soft chewables absolutely free for up to three years!

All of these healthful, quality gifts are available to you as a Preferred Customer at NSA’s discounted prices, and they are shipped directly to your home (price includes shipping)!

Make holiday shopping more meaningful for you and healthful for your loved ones! Visit my Website to find out more about Juice Plus+® and to order: or email me at


About bonniejpreston

Life is an adventure. Make every day count. Enrich the lives of those you meet along the way. Don't show up at the end with a wish list. Invest in your health - the dividends paid are priceless. Listen at least twice as much as you talk. Enjoy the journey. Namaste
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