A World Out of Balance – Politics and the Issues of Our Time

Last week, my post was about food, a basic requirement of life.  In the coming weeks, I will address other basics – clean air and water, energy consumption, and climate.  These are fundamental to our ability to sustain life. 

But I felt that this week, I should expand on why I have decided to write about the crises we are facing, rather than about life balance. 

Simply put, if the fundamental elements of our environment (air, water, food) are endangered – and they are –we will not have a world in which it is possible to seek individual or collective balance.

I addressed food last week because as someone interested in promoting health, I have some real concerns about the quality of our food and how it affects our health and our environment.  But that is not the only area in which I have concerns.

Several weeks ago, my husband and I watched a show on the History Channel.  And this show brought many of my concerns together in an interesting way.   Any of these issues, individually, could cause the collapse of civilization.  What is troubling is that at the present time, they are all occurring simultaneously. 

The show was called “Prophets of Doom”.   It was a two-hour show in which 6 men – experts in their fields – spent part of the first hour laying out why they felt their “issue” was the most threatening to civilization. 

In the second hour, these men sat facing each other and discussed these issues as a group.  They all came away with a changed perspective, some hope, and a suggestion for resolution. 

The six men and the 6 threats to mankind they represented are:  John Cronin – fresh water;   Michael Ruppert – Peak Oil (the point at which oil production begins to decline forever);  Nathan Hagens – World Financial Systems (they are in their worst shape in history); James Howard Kunstler – energy shortages; Robert Gleason – Nuclear terrorism; Hugo DeGaris – Artificial Intelligence.

I do not agree with everything that these men have said on their subjects, but I don’t believe that we can deny there are serious issues in the areas of fresh water, oil and energy, financial markets, and terrorism – nuclear and otherwise. 

I am less concerned with AI robots gaining consciousness and eliminating the human race as I believe any of the other issues will take us out long before robots get to us if we do not address them.

And that is my point with this week’s post. 

While the President and Congress debate the budget, and worry about how to bring down the deficit without offending some group of constituents, I am wondering how long we can continue to ignore the obvious.

If we don’t start to address the issues of clean air, clean fresh water, the environment, climate change, energy consumption, and financial markets, we will not be here long enough to distribute and collect the Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and other programs we are all so concerned will be cut in the near future.

As pressing as some of our immediate problems are, we cannot keep kicking the can of our long-term issues down the road hoping that “someone else” will solve them for us.  We must address them now or there will be no tomorrow. 

My next several weekly posts, therefore, will be about the issues of clean air, fresh water, and our environment (including energy and climate change).  My intention is to bring attention to the seriousness of each of the issues in these areas, and to urge everyone to get involved in some way to make a difference.

A life of balance must include an element of giving back to one’s community.  I hope you will be inspired to adopt a cause and work for it towards a cleaner, better and safer tomorrow.

“We all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”  John F. Kennedy

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Life is an adventure. Make every day count. Enrich the lives of those you meet along the way. Don't show up at the end with a wish list. Invest in your health - the dividends paid are priceless. Listen at least twice as much as you talk. Enjoy the journey. Namaste
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