About Me

Listen more-speak less. Life is an adventure-make every day count. Enrich the lives of those you meet along the way. Don’t show up at the end with a wish list.

This is my philosophy in a nutshell. I try to live by it, but I am not always successful.

I started this blog a few years ago, and it has slowly morphed into the place I come to when I need to get something off my chest. This is usually related to my daughter’s struggles with the two rare disorders – Dystonia and Narcolepsy w/Cataplexy – and chronic hypertension due to being born with a single kidney. I also post – less frequently – when my own Rheumatoid Arthritis flares up.

Recently, my daughter has lent her voice to this blog with some guest posts. I am hoping this trend continues as I think it’s a really good way for her to share her struggles and reach others who are having some of the same issues

I hope you enjoy this blog and will visit often – and please follow me on Twitter – @antipandemonium.

All the best,


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